At SunPeak, our mission is to make solar accessible and seamless for businesses who want to generate their own power using renewable sources. We are focused on educating and delighting our customers and helping them realize decades of cost savings and sustainability benefits.

We do this by prioritizing quality in all we do: quality components, quality relationships, and employing the highest-quality people.

The SunPeak team is highly skilled and has installed over 450 MW of solar globally, including projects as distant as Germany, Japan and Canada. Our team of engineers, energy experts, electricians, project managers and construction professionals is ready to help your company achieve its energy goals.

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Connect With Steve:

E: steve.scharlau@sunpeakpower.com

P: (507) 450-5982


Steve Scharlau

Senior Account Executive

Steve adds a unique perspective and skillset to the SunPeak team with an extensive background in large-scale facilities engineering and real estate appraisal. He readily understands the many challenges involved with asset protection and works closely with prospective customers to help them understand the benefits of solar and how the technology integrates within their facility operations.

Steve started his career in facilities after graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. As a young Plant Engineer for an international manufacturing company, he was exposed to the development and expansion of countless facilities in North America and the Far East. Over the years he managed many intricate operations, including the successful relocation of a finishing plant from KaohSiung, Taiwan to the Midwest.

Steve eventually established a flourishing real estate appraisal and development business, which he built and managed for more than twenty-five years. Today, the knowledge of large buildings, investment, finance and feasibility fits well with the sales function of identifying and starting SunPeak relationships with users that can enjoy the stability of solar power.

Steve and his wife have three young adult children who are all pursuing engineering careers. There’s a family propensity for tinkering, as Steve himself is a shop fabrication hobbyist. He especially enjoys prototyping custom improvements to outdoor landscaping accessories and attachments.

Steve and his family have greatly enjoyed traveling over the years. In addition to visiting most of the major national parks in the US, their adventures have included Canadian-Pacific mountain biking, cave diving in Mexico, jalopy travel in Cuba, stingrays in the Cayman Islands, castles in Germany, waterfalls in Switzerland, ancient ruins and a volcano in Italy, elephants in Thailand and most recently a wilderness whitewater experience in Utah.

Primary Responsibilities

• Business development and new client prospecting and engagement.

• Customer education and sales resource provider.

• Initial project feasibility development and customer payback and financial analysis.

• Project proposal generation and contract review.

• Account management and customer communication and assistance.

Connect With Steve:

E: steve.scharlau@sunpeakpower.com

P: (507) 450-5982