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Solar Financial Incentives

Blog posts focusing on solar financial topics, such as grants, loans, tax credits, accelerated depreciation and decreasing solar prices.

Focus on Energy Cash Incentives

Focus on Energy Cash Grants
Wisconsin's Focus On Energy frequently extends grants to encourage investment in renewable energy systems. These cash grants, offered through the Renewable Energy Competitive Incentive Program (RECIP), are awarded through a competitive bidding process. SunPeak can assist you with your grant request . SunPeak has an excellent track record of securing...

Illinois Power Agency Pays Cash for Solar

Illinois Power Agency Pays Cash for Solar
To accelerate the pace of solar adoption, the U.S. government offers tax credits and accelerated depreciation that offset roughly 50% of the cost of a solar project. Some forward thinking states, like Illinois, offer additional incentives via Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECS) to further encourage adoption of renewable energy. Here’s...

So(lar) Obvious: 3 Reasons why smart businesses are going solar!

Solar is a no brainer decision
Three compelling financial reasons to invest in solar were shared in a previous blog. Here are the most obvious reasons why installing a solar system is a smart business decision: Protect the earth: Solar is a free, in-exhaustible renewable resource that does not pollute our air and water. A typical...

Lower Operating Expenses: Solar Offers Immediate Monthly Energy Savings

Man looking at a stack of invoices
Taxes and utility bills – two inevitable looming business expenses. Unfortunately, businesses don’t have very much control over how large those bills are and they continue to increase. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration , electric prices have risen at a rate of approximately 3.5% per year. Energy consumers...

Evaluating Solar: 3 Financial Reasons to Invest in Solar

Solar panel and currency puzzle pieces
One capital investment every business should consider in their annual budget is solar. Why? 1. Obviously, renewable energy is better for the environment, than traditional fossil fuels. 2. Green marketing is a competitive differentiator. 3. Energy independence as a nation, business entity and even at the household level is becoming...

Solar vs. Utility Costs: Can Businesses Really Save Money Going Solar?

Wisconsin utility rates are high (and going up), while solar prices have plummeted: Wisconsin utility electric rates are the highest in the Midwest according to this article in the Wisconsin State Journal . Alliant Energy is proposing an average increase in electric rates of 4.7% phased in by 2018 according...

2016 Focus on Energy Loan Program

Focus on Energy logo
The Wisconsin Focus on Energy Renewable Energy Loan Program is offering 0% loans for qualified commercial solar projects in 2016. As of this May 2016, less than $500,000 of the total allocated $10 million fund has been reserved. One of SunPeak's clients received $93,000 of those dollars, which is the...

2016 REAP Grants

Grain Farm shop roof with solar panels
In January, 2016 the USDA announced over $50 million in renewable energy grants through the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). Hundreds of thousands of dollars will be awarded to businesses in your state. Let SunPeak help you navigate the grant writing process and capture those funds for your business...

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