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So(lar) Obvious: 3 Reasons why smart businesses are going solar!

Solar is a no brainer decision

Three compelling financial reasons to invest in solar were shared in a previous blog.  Here are the most obvious reasons why installing a solar system is a smart business decision:

  1. Protect the earth:  Solar is a free, in-exhaustible renewable resource that does not pollute our air and water.  A typical solar system has a lifetime of 25+ years.  The energy produced from the sun during that time will save a significant amount of fossil fuels from being burned and the resulting tons of carbon emissions.
  2. Leverage green marketing: Solar is a great way to show your commitment to a clean environment.  Promoting a solar investment to customers, vendors and the community creates a competitive advantage. SunPeak has several ideas on how to showcase your sustainability commitment.
  3. Increase property value:  Solar systems typically remain on the property when sold, providing lower operating costs for future owners. Solar is exempt from both property and sales taxes in most states. Thus the market value of your property will increase, but your company will not pay property taxes on that increased value.

Solar will have several positive impacts on your business. Solar lowers your operating costs, lowers your tax obligation, increases the value of your property and makes a clear statement of your sustainability commitment.

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