Ashley Furniture Industries

Rooftop | 726 kWdc

Ashley Furniture Industries, the world’s largest furniture manufacturer, selected SunPeak to help the organization implement solar for ten of its largest U.S. facilities. To kickoff the multi-facility project, SunPeak designed and installed a roof-mounted solar photovoltaic system at Ashley’s distribution center in Romeoville, Illinois.

The system utilizes 2,640 solar panels and generates more than 40% of the 454,525-square-foot facility’s energy needs.

The company’s advanced manufacturing and warehousing operations utilize IoT (Internet of Things) systems, automation and robotics, and battery-powered industrial vehicles. The organization will now power a significant portion of their electrical needs with solar solar energy. Furthermore, using renewable energy allows the organization to reduce costs and invest in other areas of their business and the community.

Reduced Electricity Costs

This system will produce more than $72,000 of direct energy cost savings per year with $3,126,000 in projected energy savings over 30 years. As the cost of electricity increases over time due to inflation, these energy savings will grow over time.

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Project Highlights

Romeoville, Illinois

June 2019

726 kWdc / 500 kWac

Production Estimate
856,700 kWh / year (42% offset)

2,640 x 275 W polycrystalline solar modules

Roof Mounted (DeltaWing)

10 x 50 kWac