Badger Meter Inc.

Rooftop | 700 kWdc

Badger Meter, a leading manufacturer of products using flow measurement and control technologies, installed a SunPeak rooftop solar system on their world headquarters and largest production facility in October 2017 to operate more efficiently, cost effectively, and minimize their environmental impact.

The 700 kWdc solar photovoltaic project includes 2,640 rooftop panels, and will generate 11% of the energy needs at their Milwaukee facility.

Badger Meter saved $3.87 Million in projected energy costs.

Reduced Energy Costs

Badger Meter currently pays their utility 9.6¢ / kWh, while energy produced by the new solar array costs 2.3¢ / kWh. This savings of 7.3¢ / kWh translates to over $3.87 million of direct energy cost savings over the life of the project. As the cost of electricity increases over time due to inflation, these energy savings will also grow over time.

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Project Highlights

Milwaukee, WI

December, 2017

700 kWdc

Production Estimate
851,300 kWh/year (11% offset)

2,640 x 265W polycrystalline

Roof mount (DeltaWing)

15 x 36 kW