Corrim Company

Ground-mounted | 92kW capacity

For over 30 years the Corrim Company has been America’s premier industrial fiberglass door and frame system manufacturer. Corrim is prominent leader in sustainable initiatives including geothermal heating and cooling, LED lighting, state of the art HVAC systems and robust recycling programs.

They privately constructed five 20kW wind turbines in 2010 on their property and in 2015 partnered with SunPeak to add 360 ground-mounted solar PV panels. This system now generates 46% of their energy needs.

SunPeak can lead you through the world of generating your own power using the sun’s free natural energy. Please contact one of our sales consultants today to begin the discussion and receive a free solar analysis and proposal. Our goal is to educate everyone about the exciting new alternatives available to economically power your business. We are a high integrity company, offering the strongest value in the industry.

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Project Highlights

Oshkosh, WI

Completion Date
November, 2015

Installation Duration
About 2 weeks

Annual Energy Production
118,500 kWh/year

AC Capacity
90 kWac

DC Capacity / DC:AC Ratio
91.8 kWdc / 1.02 DC:AC