LNS Pork

Ground-mounted | 67kW capacity

LNS PORK LOGOLNS Pork, a hog producer in central Iowa, was paying the local utility a blended rate of 12.6¢/kWh when they heard about a solar information conference in Ames, Iowa.

The conference covered topics such as:

  • Why Go Solar?
  • Solar Industry Trends (grid parity)
  • Financing Solar Systems (federal, state and local incentives and deal structure)
  • The Process of Going Solar

They quickly realized their energy bills would only go up if they continue to buy from the utility. With the substantial financial incentives in Iowa, they could start saving immediately by installing a solar system. When they got home they scanned and emailed SunPeak a copy of an average month’s energy bill and requested a custom solar feasibility study. The proposed SunPeak system was going to lower their levelized cost of energy after tax to only 3.6¢/kWh and it would remain fixed for the 30 year lifespan of the system. The decision was easy.

SunPeak can also lead you through the world of generating your own power using the sun's free natural energy. Please contact one of our sales consultants today to begin the discussion. Our goal is to educate everyone about the exciting new alternatives available to economically power your business. We are a high integrity group, offering the strongest value in the industry.

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Project Highlights

Radcliffe, Iowa

Completion Date
December, 2015

Installation Duration
About 4 days

Annual Energy Production
100,200 kWh/year (126% of annual energy usage!)

AC Capacity
60 kWac

DC Capacity / DC:AC Ratio
67.32 kWdc / 1.122 DC:AC