Research Farms

Ground-mounted | 67kW capacity

Research Farms, a hog producer in central Iowa, is always looking to reduce costs long-term. When the owner heard the financial incentives to ‘go solar’ in this part of the country are some of the most favorable in the country he wanted to hear more.

Upon receiving a customized solar feasibility study and financial analysis the case was clearly made, it was time to go solar. SunPeak was ready to start construction on the 260 panel ground mounted system in just a couple weeks.

At 67.3kWdc total capacity, the solar system is expected to power 74% of the farm's total electricity consumption for the next 30 years. Specifically, the system is projected to generate 98,700 kWh/year. At the current blended energy rate being paid to the local utility, this equates to an annual value of electricity of $9,630/year. This figure is anticipated to grow over the lifespan of the system as the utility rates rise, leading to a total system lifespan projected savings of $386,000.

SunPeak can lead you through the world of generating your own power using the sun’s free natural energy. Please contact one of our sales consultants today to begin the discussion. Our goal is to educate everyone about the exciting new alternatives available to economically power your business. We are a high integrity group, offering the strongest value in the industry.

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Project Highlights

Geneva, Iowa

Completion Date
December, 2015

Annual Energy Production
101,172 kWh/year (75% of annual energy usage!)

AC Capacity
60 kWac

DC Capacity / DC:AC Ratio
67.32 kWdc / 1.122 DC:AC

Installation Duration
About 4 days