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Total Water Baraboo

Total Water Baraboo

Ground-mounted | 17 kWdc

Culligan Total Water of Baraboo, South Central Wisconsin’s water technology experts, partnered with SunPeak to install a solar system in July 2017 at their Baraboo facility.
The 17 kWdc solar photovoltaic project includes 66 ground mounted solar panels, and will generate over 66% of their energy needs.

Reduced Electricity Costs

Culligan Total Water Baraboo currently pays their utility 13.1¢ / kWh, while energy produced by the new solar array costs 5.3¢ / kWh. This savings of 7.8¢ / kWh translates to over $2,870 of direct energy cost savings per year. As the cost of electricity increases over time due to inflation, these energy savings will also grow over time.

Hear from Total Water Baraboo

“The solar array is a logical next step as we evolve to a future with more efficient systems
and service vehicles”
-Skip Heffernan, Owner and Operator, Total Water Baraboo

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