We take businesses and organizations solar.

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Businesses trust SunPeak as their long-term solar energy partner.
Our proven process and experienced team allow customers to implement solar seamlessly, leading to reduced energy costs and a more sustainable future.

SunPeak provides industry-leading expertise, quality, and safety during every step of the process. We understand our customers have a varied base of knowledge and experience when it comes to solar energy. We’re here to help you understand solar technology, the return on investment, and the results you can expect for your business.

Discover the SunPeak Advantage

Reliable Technology

At SunPeak, we utilize the same combination of tier-one solar panels, inverters and racking for every project. This high-quality, standardized system is based on proven reliability and durability in the field as well as extensive independent testing. The result is a safe, consistent, and scalable design well-suited for any size project.


Skilled Team

Comprised of the best and brightest professionals in the industry, our group of in-house account managers, engineers, project managers, electricians and construction personnel provide exceptional customer care and technical expertise. We foster a culture of quality, safety, collaboration and process excellence in order to deliver consistently outstanding results for our customers every time.


Long-term Customer Commitment

SunPeak supports its customers for the life of every solar PV system. All systems are warrantied, and we provide ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M) support for the life of the system. Systems are also equipped with 24/7 cloud-based monitoring, allowing our team (and yours) constant feedback on system performance.


Core Values of Safety and Quality

Safety and quality are guiding principles at SunPeak and we’re recognized industrywide for our practices. Our construction team maintains a zero-incident, perfect safety rating. Our extensive Quality Control and Quality Assurance standards include manufacturer and independent component testing as well as dedicated research and ongoing education to make sure our systems continue to receive the highest ratings for safety and reliability.


Proactive Insurance Compliance

SunPeak systems have been approved by some of the most stringent property insurance companies in the nation, including the esteemed FM Global. Regardless which insurance company our customers use, SunPeak works in concert with providers to ensure current premiums are maintained with the addition of solar.


Proven Process

Every SunPeak project follows a structured, comprehensive process. We call it our Roadmap to Solar. From initial site assessment through system engineering, procurement, installation, utility interconnection, and operational support, you can be assured SunPeak is working proactively to ensure on-time, on-budget implementation and long-term results.





SunPeak is a full-service commercial solar PV provider specializing in the design, installation and maintenance of commercial systems. From initial project inquiry throughout the life of your solar PV system, our team is here to help you reach your sustainability and cost savings goals with quality systems and long-term support. Click the player icon below to learn more.


SunPeak commercial solar client logos from right to left: Ashley Furniture, Tyson, American Family Insurance, Kwik Trip.
SunPeak commercial solar client logos from right to left: Thelen Sand & Gravel, Badger Meter, University of Wisconsin, Central Storage & Warehouse.


SunPeak commercial solar client logo: Ashley Furniture

“We did our due diligence when selecting a solar provider. We interviewed dozens of companies nationally and felt strongly that SunPeak was best suited to perform the scope of this work, to our quality standards, in a timely manner.”

Todd Wanek, President and CEO

Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.

SunPeak commercial solar client logo: Central Storage & Warehouse

 “CSW is proud to have partnered with SunPeak to make this solar project a reality. We are excited by the opportunity to both improve our operating efficiency and reduce our environmental impact, consistent with our commitment to our customers and community.”

Jack Williams, CEO

Central Storage & Warehouse

SunPeak commercial solar client logo: Thelen Sand & Gravel

“Our solar installation is a positive way to repurpose our land while supporting our sustainability initiatives. We knew this project would be sizable and complex and we found a willing and extremely capable partner in SunPeak.”

Dan Shepard, Vice President

Thelen Sand & Gravel

Our Commitment to Quality

ISO 9001:2015 certified

At SunPeak, our skilled team leverages years of project experience, a proven process, and a standardized design to deliver solar PV systems with the highest level of safety, quality and value for our customers. To ensure consistent customer satisfaction, SunPeak has established an ISO 9001-certified quality management system. The effectiveness of this system will be continually improved by:

  • Commitment to understanding and satisfying our customers’ and other applicable requirements.
  • Setting and reviewing measurable quality objectives and working to achieve them.
  • Monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of key processes.
  • Providing the necessary resources for employees to effectively perform their duties.
  • Promoting “Safety Always Matters” thinking across the whole organization.

Learn more about SunPeak’s Core Values of Quality and Safety