Quality systems start with a quality process.


SunPeak's process-driven culture results from years of experience and a deep desire to deliver consistently high-quality, safe, turn-key solar PV solutions for our customers. We have a very detailed plan that we follow for each and every project, and it's executed entirely in-house by our comprehensive team.

SunPeak manages every aspect of "going solar", starting with initial consultation and energy analysis through site assessment, engineering, design, procurement, and installation. Moreover, we partner with our customers for the long term, ensuring the system is always operating optimally and in good condition to provide decades of clean, reliable power.




By choosing a solar provider with a solid roadmap and a diverse, talented team, our customers receive both a high quality system and a high quality experience. Our clients enjoy exceptional communication and reporting, reliable scheduling, proactive customer asset protection measures, skilled construction, and team responsiveness. 

We understand our customers have varying levels of knowledge about how their energy works and what is involved with a solar PV system. Our goal is to make the process straightforward and simple. Below we provide a basic overview of the major steps and information exchange required for the successful design, installation, and commissioning of a solar photovoltaic system for a commercial or industrial facility.

Initial Engagement and Analysis

All SunPeak projects start with an initial conversation so our team can answer your immediate questions and better understand your unique energy needs and project goals. We will then gather data about your facility’s current energy consumption, rates and usage patterns in order to create a detailed assessment of how solar could work for your facility.


Preliminary Proposal Development

Once the initial energy analysis is complete, SunPeak will develop a custom project proposal complete with an initial system design as well as estimated project costs, payback figures, energy cost savings and environmental offset metrics. An initial proposal is free and educational, with no obligation.


Preliminary Engineering

Once a customer has accepted the preliminary proposal, SunPeak invests more time and resources to ensure the project is feasible across all factors and validate the project cost assumptions made during the preliminary proposal development phase. This phase includes a project site assessment, where SunPeak team members evaluate and document the site's current electrical infrastructure, site conditions, and location of other installed equipment near or within the proposed project area.


Final Detailed System Engineering

This is the stage of the project where all details, including advanced energy modeling, structural analysis, and site assessment data are fully incorporated into a final set of engineering drawings. From here, a detailed Bill of Materials can be generated.



During this step, SunPeak executes a thorough procurement process to ensure timely delivery of all equipment and materials for the project. SunPeak has developed strong buying relationships with our Tier 1 component manufacturers. Our equipment and its suppliers have been thoroughly vetted to ensure quality, longevity and ongoing warranty support.

Asset 5


As the scheduled construction launch date approaches, SunPeak’s project management team will schedule a preconstruction meeting to review all of the important topics that need to be communicated by both SunPeak and the customer to ensure successful and seamless project execution.



Skilled groups of SunPeak team members are onsite to perform or coordinate all of the primary functions of construction: DC mechanical scope, DC electrical scope, AC electrical scope, monitoring scope, and system testing. Progress is meticulously documented and communicated to the customer. 



At this point, the system is substantially complete and is ready to undergo final inspection and approval by both the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and the customer's utility.

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Operation & Maintenance

The system is up and running, providing clean,
cost-effective and hassle-free electricity for the customer. The system's cloud-based monitoring capabilities deliver realtime production data to both the customer and the SunPeak Operations & Maintenance team to ensure system performance is optimal. SunPeak continues to work with our customers post-installation to provide ongoing system maintenance training, perform warranty work, and respond to any and all questions or needs as they arise. 


Process Transparency 

We pride ourselves on making information accessible, understandable and helpful for our customers. If you are interested in a more detailed explanation of our Roadmap to Solar, please download our comprehensive guide below.  

SunPeak's Roadmap to Solar Guide provides:

  • An overview of the building blocks of a solar PV system.
  • A more detailed explanation of each phase of planning and construction.
  • Additional information regarding utility interconnection and ongoing maintenance.