SunPeak Advantage

Ensuring quality systems, seamless integration, and safe execution.


Within the solar industry, SunPeak is distinctly different.

With decades of experience developing and installing sophisticated commercial solar systems, our team has established a singular reputation for responsiveness, expertise and integrity. In short, we treat our clients as we wish to be treated – by providing guidance and education, ease of partnership, and careful consideration for their facilities and operational needs. Just as important, our solar PV systems meet the stringent safety standards of the biggest property insurers in the country, and we warranty both our systems and our work.

Every project we undertake is built on the following fundamental principles:

Proven Process - SunPeak Advantage
Proven Process


Our extensive solar project experience has allowed us the opportunity to develop and hone thorough best practices. This starts with our comprehensive, 120-step process to going solar. From initial site assessment through system engineering, drafting, procurement, installation, utility interconnection, and operational support, you can be assured that we’ve not only thought of everything, but that we’re proactively ensuring successful implementation and long-term results.

Reliable Technology - SunPeak Advantage
Reliable Technology


We call it our Standard System Architecture. It’s a proven combination of tier-one solar components from the best solar panel, racking and inverter manufacturers in the world. Tested together for durability, reliability, and safety, our systems are custom-engineered to provide safe, effective power for every customer. In addition to our robust capabilities for pitched roof and ground-mount applications that are traditionally south-facing, SunPeak leads the market in flat-roof installation with DeltaWing, our east-west design. DeltaWing provides higher energy production density with no roof penetration and less module shading.

Skilled Team - SunPeak Advantage
Skilled Team


We employ a comprehensive, full-time team of account managers, engineers, project managers, electricians and construction staff in-house. This is not only rare, it’s essential for customer satisfaction and long-term success. During every stage of the solar implementation process, our customers work exclusively with our team – our customers aren’t left to go at it alone with their utility or work with subcontractors they don’t know. Our group is invested in our mission and comprised of the best and the brightest professionals in the industry. Their value comes in the education and expertise they share, and their ability to collaborate across our organization to deliver quality systems, safely, on-time, and within budget.

Safety and Quality - SunPeak Advantage
Safety and Quality

Safety and Quality

This is the true heart of SunPeak: safety and quality are the foundation of our business and the lens by which we view every decision. We have an extensive in-house Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) process that includes regular visits to our tier-one manufacturing partners, independent testing, and ongoing education and research.

Our construction safety training and protocol is a showpiece in the industry. Safety is a guiding principle for every team member and it’s evident in our zero-incident, perfect safety rating.

Customer Commitment - SunPeak Advantage
Customer Commitment

Customer Commitment

SunPeak supports its customers for the life of every solar PV system. You can expect to work with SunPeak for the next 30+ years. Even though our proven systems offer incredible reliability and durability, we offer a complete warranty as well as ongoing operations and maintenance support for the life of the system.

SunPeak systems also utilize state-of-the-art monitoring technology. With monitoring, both our customers and our in-house technicians can easily track system performance and sustainability metrics in real time.

Proactive Insurance Compliance - SunPeak Advantage
Insurance Compliance

Insurance Compliance

SunPeak systems have been approved by some of the most stringent property insurance companies in the nation. 

Regardless which insurance company our customers use, SunPeak works in concert with providers to ensure current premiums are maintained with the addition of solar.