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Solar Financing

$100 bill & Solar panel puzzle pieces together

A SunPeak photovoltaic (PV) system is a wise investment.

Each project will provide a unique return on investment (ROI.)  The four biggest drivers of a project’s ROI are:

  • Utility Electric Rate- The higher the existing cost of electricity, the higher the solar ROI.
  • Investment Tax Credit (ITC)- Federal tax credit of 30% of project cost.
  • MACRS depreciation- Accelerated cost recovery
  • Debt Financing / Leverage. Bank financing increases return on equity (cash-on-cash).

SunPeak can arrange a variety of financing structures to suit your specific circumstances and needs:

  1. Cash. Customer pays cash for their system.
  2. Solar Loan. Customer borrows a portion, or all, of the required capital. Solar Cash ROI vs. Solar Loan ROI Explained
  3. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). A third-party investor finances and owns the system, and sells electricity to the customer over a PPA term at a preset energy rate ($/kWh). Solar PPA Model Explained

Infographic of PPA savings












Request a solar financial analysis for your facility

Additional Financial Incentives Available: Every state has its own renewable energy incentives in addition to the federal incentives.  For more information visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency®

Other programs include:

PACE Financing and Focus on Energy.

To help you decide which financing option is best for your organization, download a decision aid.

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