Solar Financing Solutions
for Any Business

Flexible, simple financing options make solar investment affordable.


An Attainable Investment

Solar is a very attractive investment for businesses, and customers now have a variety of ways to affordably finance a commercial solar installation.

An important benefit for businesses choosing solar are the readily-available financial incentives provided by federal and state agencies. These solar incentives can reduce solar project costs significantly.

The remaining investment is typically financed with a combination of cash and debt that allows a customer to be cash flow positive quickly.

Alternatively, some businesses implement solar but do not choose to own their system. Solar leasing options are available to serve those customers.

No matter the financing path, your organization will be protected from rising costs of non-renewable energy sources, making solar power one of the best investments you can make towards the longevity of your business.

Commercial Solar Financing Options

SunPeak works with customers to help them understand the differences and unique benefits of each of the typical solar financing options:

  • Cash payment.
  • Solar Loan: Customer borrows a portion, or all, of the required capital.
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): A third-party investor finances and owns the system and sells electricity to the customer over a PPA term at a preset energy rate ($/kWh).
The following chart shows a basic overview of these options.

Comparing Solar Financing Options

  Cash Solar Loan PPA
Direct Ownership      
Greatest Simplicity X    
Maximize Energy Cost Savings X    
Lowest Lifetime Cost of Ownership X    
Direct Ownership X X  
Direct Ownership with Enhanced Cash Flow   X  
Direct Tax Benefits (ITC + Depreciation) X X  
Investor Ownership      
No Upfront Investment     X
Requires No Tax Appetite (Non-profit)     X
Immediate Savings (Initially Cash Flow Positive)     X
Optional Future Buyout Price at Significant Discount     X
Off Balance Sheet Financing     X
Applies to All Ownership Structures      
Enhanced Company Image X X X
Enhanced Carbon Footprint X X X
Reduced Energy Expense X X X
Improved Energy Independence X X X

Have questions on solar financing options?

Our solar experts at SunPeak have prepared some easy-to-follow guides to help you better understand the choices available:


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