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American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance

Rooftop | 1.2MW

American Family Insurance, a Fortune 500 company and multi-line insurer headquartered in Madison, WI, partnered with SunPeak to build the largest rooftop solar system in the state of WI at its national headquarters. The almost 1.2MW solar photovoltaic system covers a large rooftop on the corporate campus with 4,488 solar panels. This system will generate over 7% of their energy needs.

Reduced Electricity Costs

With a former utility blended cost of electricity of 8.5¢ / kWh, this system reduces American Family Insurances's levelized cost of energy over the life of the system to about 3.7¢ / kWh. The system will produce over $119,000 of direct energy cost savings per year. As the cost of electricity increases over time due to inflation, these energy savings will grow over time. 

$5.6 million are projected in energy savings over 30 years.

Hear From American Family Insurance

“American Family’s competitive position is strengthened through a solid energy and carbon emissions strategy that improves expense efficiency, mitigates risk, fosters engagement in the community and serves our brand promise. In order to achieve this goal, we need to maintain adaptability to a dynamic energy environment and the recent solar installation at our National Headquarters is an example of the steps we are taking to fulfill our commitment.”

-Sean Hyland, Facilities Program Administrator, American Family Insurance


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