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Evaluating Solar: 3 Financial Reasons to Invest in Solar

Solar panel and currency puzzle pieces

One capital investment every business should consider in their annual budget is solar.  Why?  1. Obviously, renewable energy is better for the environment, than traditional fossil fuels. 2. Green marketing is a competitive differentiator. 3. Energy independence as a nation, business entity and even at the household level is becoming a common motivator. 4. The top reason to go solar is to save money

Here are three sound financial reasons to go solar:

  1. Lower energy bills.  Installing a solar system will reduce your annual energy costs by as much as 40%.   Even better, your solar system keeps generating electricity for 25 years or more, so you will continue to realize savings in your electric bill every month, regardless of how much your utility provider increases their rates (inflation hedge.)
  2. The Federal Investment Tax Credit – Did you know that you could reduce your tax liability, dollar-for-dollar, by 30% of the total cost of the installed solar system?  Say your new solar system costs $300,000 x 30% = $90,000. That means the federal government will in effect subsidize nearly one third of your new solar system.  And, there are numerous other state and local incentives on top of that.
  3. Accelerated Depreciation – Did you know that you could depreciate total system costs very quickly? That means that if your new solar system costs $300,000, you can claim federal tax deductions totaling $255,000 over 5 years. Due to the favorable depreciation schedule, by year two, you can already claim 76% of the total solar costs.

Yes, there are compelling fiscal reasons to go solar and several financing options.  The longer you wait, the more it is costing your company in wasted savings.

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