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Lower Operating Expenses: Solar Offers Immediate Monthly Energy Savings

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Taxes and utility bills – two inevitable looming business expenses.  Unfortunately, businesses don’t have very much control over how large those bills are and they continue to increase.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, electric prices have risen at a rate of approximately 3.5% per year.  Energy consumers are unfortunately footing the bill, so utilities can recoup their relatively recent investments in fossil-fuel based outdated electric generation equipment.  It’s hard to believe that one of the largest operational costs for many businesses has grown faster than inflation – and for many, faster than their bank accounts can handle.  Utilities recommend changing how we consume electricity to help manage the costs.  But once energy efficiencies are maximized, is it really necessary to convince employees they don’t need air conditioning until the inside office temperature hits 85 degrees? What else is there to do to reduce the electric bill?

Businesses are increasingly turning to solar to help manage their electric costs.  Solar can typically offset anywhere from 15-75% of electric usage (kilowatt hours.) Oftentimes, it is even possible to be immediately cash flow positive as a result of the significant price drop in solar systems.  How would you like to offset 50% of your annual electric bill with no cash out of pocket?  In fact, during the longer summer days, solar panels can frequently offset more than what is consumed.  Most utilities have a net metering program that allows your electric meter to spin backwards when your system produces more than you use.  At the end of the month, the utility may have to write YOU a check.  Utilities.... buckle up, because the tables have turned.

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