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Solar vs. Utility Costs: Can Businesses Really Save Money Going Solar?

Wisconsin utility rates are high (and going up), while solar prices have plummeted:
  • Wisconsin utility electric rates are the highest in the Midwest according to this article in the Wisconsin State Journal.
  • Alliant Energy is proposing an average increase in electric rates of 4.7% phased in by 2018 according to their newsletter.
  • Numerous articles can be found on falling solar prices. Here are the trustworthy compiled statistics from the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA.)

The cost of installed solar PV technology has decreased significantly over the past 10 years. Meanwhile, the cost of electricity from utilities continue to rise steadily. Today, it is cheaper to produce your own energy from the sun, than to buy it from the utility.  Important tax credits are still in place that enable these excellent economics, which will be phased out in time. 

It could not be more obvious that the time to invest in solar is now. 

The SunPeak Team

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