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Explosive Growth in US Solar Market

Solar panel with hardhat saying, "The Future is Here"
In mid-2016, the U.S. hit one million solar installations, quite an achievement considering there were only 1,000 such projects in 2000.  
Employment in the U.S. solar business grew 12 times faster than overall job creation according to the International Renewable Energy Agency. These are jobs that cannot be outsourced overseas.
Solar has come a long way in recent years, but there is more to accomplish:
  • America’s one million solar installations deliver just 1 percent of our U.S. electricity demand.
  • Several states and utilities await clarity on the federal Clean Power Plan before introducing or repealing renewable energy policies.
The renewable energy industry in the USA is making strides daily for a more sustainable future.  At SunPeak, we recognize and appreciate the continuous efforts of a passionate and growing coalition of sustainability enthusiasts over the past 30+ years.
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