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Green Marketing: How to Leverage Your Solar Investment as a Competitive Differentiator

Earth Day Poster solar marketing example

SunPeak has assisted several clients in leveraging their investment in green energy to enhance their corporate image by showcasing projects on our websiteFacebook andLinkedIn pages, co-distributing press releases and coordinating project site events.  This has proven to be effective for companies like Ale AsylumLetterhead Press, and Central Storage & Warehouse, all of which have received significant solar project related press.  See more of our clients’ news coverage here.

Steep & Brew Coffee’s project was featured in the Capital Times, on WISC TV3 and on the Kentucky CBS affiliate WLKY in Louisville.

Thankfully the SunPeak lobby got an interior design upgrade just before the interview, so it looked great on TV! There are photos on our Facebook page of our great new brushed metal sign, mounted solar panel, Milwaukee Journal article plaque and other accents.

In addition to the financial benefits of “Going Solar”, there are tremendous intangible benefits such as building brand awareness, positive publicity, and showcasing your sustainability efforts.  All of these marketing initiatives can result in a significant competitive advantage.

SunPeak compiled an information sheet on the tactics our customers have employed to leverage their solar marketing. 

We look forward to co-promoting the solar projects of many more businesses.

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