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Solar Energy: The Ultimate Team Player

Solar Energy: The Ultimate Team Player

An increasing number of businesses are adding words and phrases like “we’re going solar” and “sustainably produced” to their marketing in order to educate their customers on any new renewable energy upgrades to their facilities. While buzzy, it’s not always easy to understand what those new catchphrases really mean in regards to environmental impact and renewable energy production. For those seeking a deeper understanding of the technology and infrastructure involved in ‘going solar’, this blog is for you.

Solar Energy Feeds Into the Power Grid

The most affordable types of solar power systems are, in fact, connected to the power grid and contribute to all of the power collectively produced by geothermic energy, hydropower, coal, natural gas, and wind at a local utility. This means that your solar panels are not just generating power for you and your business, they are also helping your community as a whole utilize more renewable energy sources. This connection to the grid allows for flexibility in times of fluctuating solar power generation as well. In times of lower energy production the grid can help make up the difference, and likewise, in times high production, the energy surplus you produce is bought back by the utility. This means that for solar systems designed to account for most of a business’ energy needs, there may actually be months where the local utility sends you a check instead of an invoice.

Due to this grid connection, the more businesses that choose to generate some of their own power with solar, the less the community as a whole uses traditional forms of energy, giving renewables a larger and larger chunk of the market share. In reality, “we’re going solar” really means, “we’re helping the whole community go solar”.

Does “We’re Going Solar” Mean 100% Solar?

Most businesses are not able to go 100% solar or utilize entirely renewably produced energy. For the most part, only large corporations like Google are able to go 100% renewable because of the rarity of the appropriate energy companies and the amount of capital involved in that endeavor. In fact, most companies would find it highly undesirable to be “off the grid” because of the impracticality of installing the necessary generators and other equipment. Thankfully, installing solar can drastically reduce your energy bill while still allowing you to be connected to the community’s energy benefits.

When a company goes partly solar, they are helping to offset more traditionally produced energy, and little by little, their contribution provides renewables a larger share of the energy market. With each renewable energy purchase, renewable energy companies are able to expand renewable energy production, which benefits both energy producers and end users. Additionally, the money saved by businesses going solar allows them to continue making improvements to their own operations, boosting the economy as a whole. Any effort towards going solar is an impactful one, and SunPeak can prove it.

For more information on the tangible benefits of going solar, connect with one of SunPeak’s solar experts via our Contact page.

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