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solar benefits

2017 US Solar Data

2017 Sunpeak US Solar Data Cheat Sheet
Where does solar power stand today in its ability to serve as a viable energy resource? According to the latest round of data collected on the success of photovoltaics, going solar is becoming increasingly cost-effective and economically beneficial, and the energy marketplace is responding accordingly. See the solar data facts...

2016 US Solar Stats

2016 US Solar Data
This Solar Data Cheat Sheet from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) captures the massive expansion this industry has seen in recent years. The time to go solar has never been better! Not much else to say in this short blog, the graphic says it all!

Does Solar Work in the Midwest?

Solar installation with snowcover
SunPeak often receives some version of this question when businesses are evaluating a solar capital investment: "Is there enough sun in the Midwest to make solar worth the investment? In the winter too?" Yes, there is plenty of sun to make solar a feasible energy option in the Midwestern United...

So(lar) Obvious: 3 Reasons why smart businesses are going solar!

Solar is a no brainer decision
Three compelling financial reasons to invest in solar were shared in a previous blog. Here are the most obvious reasons why installing a solar system is a smart business decision: Protect the earth: Solar is a free, in-exhaustible renewable resource that does not pollute our air and water. A typical...

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