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Largest Rooftop Solar System in Wisconsin

East West Delta Wing Solar panels at sunset

In the first quarter of 2016 SunPeak connected the largest rooftop solar PV installation in the state of Wisconsin to the grid. This project is also Madison’s largest solar project of any kind.

The new solar system was installed at the Central Storage & Warehouse Company facility, on Madison’s east side. The system is expected to offset 16% of the company’s annual electrical load. Central Storage will generate electricity on their roof at a cost of approximately $.032/kWh over the life of the system; this cost is nearly seventy percent lower than their current utility rate.

A press release was sent in April to media contacts throughout the state and was printed in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on the front page of the Business section, featured on WKOW-TV's 5pm news and posted on several internet sites and newswires.

Let us know if you see coverage in your local media or trade journals, so we can track it!

Project details, photos and flyover video of the project can be found here.

Happy Earth Day,

The SunPeak Team

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