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The Gift of Solar 2015

SunPeak would like to express thanks and gratitude to our wonderful customers, colleagues, and communities that have been part of a tremendous 2015.  Our collective efforts have made the world stronger, cleaner, and more sustainable. We are proud to have worked on many great projects this year, including the two largest privately owned Solar PV installations in Wisconsin.  

To date (December 2015), we have installed over 1.6 MegaWatts. This is equivalent to offsetting:

   41,900 tons of CO2

   13,900 tons of landfill waste

   90,150,200 miles of driving

   4,260,400 gallons of gasoline

   20,500 tons of coal

When you choose solar for your organization, you give your customers, employees and community the gift that keeps on giving.

We look forward to being your commercial solar partner in 2016!

Happy Holidays,

The SunPeak Team

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