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SunPeak installing solar with its own flair

by Joe Vanden Plas, InBusiness Magazine June 2019

Chad Sorenson says...

Ashley Furniture Industries Invests in Solar Energy

April 23, 2019 - ARCADIA, Wis. - Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. (Ashley)...

SunPeak installs 4 of Wisconsin’s top 6 largest rooftop solar systems in 2017

February 22, 2018 - Madison, WI . As a leading commercial solar photovoltaic...

Despite Tariffs, solar still has a bright future in the USA

January 25, 2018 - Madison, WI . This past week, President...

Certco Invests in Solar for Cool Savings

September 13, 2017 - Madison, WI . Retail...

WI Culligan Man™ Goes Solar

August 24, 2017 - Madison, WI. South...

Wisconsin's Largest Rooftop Solar Installations

June 9, 2017 Wisconsin State Journal, Madison, WI

Madison Area Technical College rooftop solar energy system would be the largest in the state

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Madison businesses making a bright investment in solar

June 2, 2017: InBusiness Magazine, Madison, WI

Sunny Side Up: Madison businesses are making a bright investment in solar

Full Article

American Family Insurance to draw power from the sun

March 24, 2017: Wisconsin State Journal, Madison, WI

American Family Insurance says it will have the largest rooftop solar array in Wisconsin atop one of the buildings at its headquarters, at 6000 American Parkway.

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American Family Begins Largest Rooftop Solar Installation in Wisconsin

March 24, 2017: American Family Newsroom, Madison, WI

American Family Insurance, partnering with SunPeak, is undertaking the largest rooftop solar installation in Wisconsin during the next 60-90 days.

Full News Release

The power of the sun - LUHS is now home to the largest solar farm of any school in Wisconsin

December 16, 2016: Lakeland Times, Minocqua, WI

As renewable energy continually steps forward into the minds of builders, Lakeland Union High School has made a giant leap in the world of solar energy. LUHS has now flipped the switch to the "on" position for the largest solar energy farm of any school in the state of Wisconsin.

Printable version of The Lakeland Times

Lakeland Union HS Installs 1,056 Solar Panels on Fieldhouse Roof

December 14, 2016: TV NewsWatch 12 NBC Northern Wisconsin

Up a ladder, and another, and yet another, sits Dave Arnold's new favorite project. Watch the 2 1/2 minute news feature online.

NewsWatch 12 Segment

Lakeland Union High School to Harvest Energy Savings from New Solar Panel Farm

December 13, 2016: WXPR Radio Rhinelander

To see the largest solar panel farm on a school building in Wisconsin, you have to get a bit closer to the sun. And get special permission from Lakeland Union High School officials.

WXPR Online Feature

Printable version

Glacier Transit & Storage installing massive solar system on Plymouth Warehouse

November 30, 2016: BizTimes

Glacier Transit & Storage is installing more than 2,100 solar panels on the roof of its 170,000 square-foot cold storage warehouse in Plymouth.

Glacier in BizTimes

Glacier Transit adds solar power

November 25, 2016: Sheboygan Press

Glacier Transit & Storage has begun adding 2,112 solar panels to one of its Plymouth, WI warehouses....

Glacier Adds Solar Power

Solar Power Fuels Growth

November 15, 2016: Solar Power Fuels Growth for Letterhead Press

$1.5 million in savings makes a strong business case for solar.

Solar Power Fuels Growth

MG&E Our Community Grid

September 6, 2016: Madison Gas & Electric Our Community Grid

MG&E features SunPeak's Steep & Brew project on their Our Community Grid webpage .

MG&E Our Community Grid

Magic 98 Steep & Brew

July 12, 2016: Magic 98 Radio Broadcast

Steep & Brew does coffee right, powering 80% of it's facility in Monona. Mark Ballering, Founder is walking his walk.


Solar Celebration: Here Comes the Sun

August 3, 2016: Madison InBusiness Magazine

The solar celebration at Central Storage & Warehouse was featured in the IB Photo Gallery. In addition to SunPeak & CSW employees, representatives from Focus on Energy, MG&E, RENEW Wisconsin, and local politicians, along with companies that are considering solar, took part in the festivities.

Photo Gallery Link

Madison Coffee Roaster, Steep & Brew, Goes Solar

July 13, 2016: Capital Times

Steep & Brew President, Mark Ballering, was interviewed by the Cap Times in Madison, WI on his motivations to go solar and praised for all of the company's sustainabililty efforts. Ballering would recommend going solar to other business owners, although he acknowledges it’s a long-term commitment.

Link to Online Article

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Eco-Friendly Coffee: Steep & Brew Now Offers A Greener Cup of Coffee

July 11, 2016: CBS TV Broadcasts; WISC Madison, WI & WLKY Louisville, KY

Steep & Brew Coffee partnered with SunPeak to install an 80kW solar PV project on their facilities in Monona, WI. Both WISC TV3 in Madison and WLKY in Louisville, Kentucky broadcasted stories on Steep & Brew's new eco-friendly coffee.

Link to Newscast

Press Release

It's Always Sunny in Madison

June, 2016: InBusiness Greater Madison

SunPeak completed installation of a 741kW solar PV project for Central Storage & Warehouse Co. (CSW.) "SunPeak was able to engineer and install a system that simultaneously lowered (CSW's) overall cost of electricity and enhanced its sustainabiltiy by powering its facility with natural sunlight," notes Chad Sorenson, SunPeak's president.

Full Article

Finding the right energy mix for Wisconsin increasingly involves solar

May 1, 2016: Wisconsin State Journal

Tapping into the sun to produce energy is still a small part of Wisconsin’s overall energy mix, but it’s the fastest-growing component. The Solar Energy Industries Association reports Wisconsin ranks 30th overall among the 50 states in installed solar capacity and that $12 million was spent on solar installations in 2015, up about 70 percent from 2014.

.....SunPeak itself is an example of how Wisconsin’s solar industry is growing.

Full Article

Powered up by the sun

April 20, 2016: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Madison firm taps solar project for energy savings: Central Storage & Warehouse Co. in Madison is now the home to nearly 3,000 solar panels in what is the fourth largest solar project in Wisconsin. It's the largest solar project in Madison and the largest rooftop solar project in the state.

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Press Release

Solar Power fuels energy savings at Letterhead Press

April 1, 2016: Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Letterhead Press Inc., a New Berlin print finisher and packaging manufacturer, has embraced renewable energy as means of controlling rising energy costs and promoting sustainability. The company has installed a 337-kilowatt array, one of the largest solar fields in the state, to provide about 75 percent of its peak electricity demand and 25 percent of its overall annual needs.

Full Article

Letterhead Press uses panels to generate 25% of their electricity needs

January 28, 2016: GM Today (Greater Milwaukee)

Covering roughly a football field-sized portion of the parking lot at Letterhead Press, Inc. are solar panels that have resulted in the printer generating enough electricity to meet 75 percent of the company’s peak electricity demand and 25 percent of their total need....Sun Peak Solar of Madison installed the solar panels at LPI, which prints packaging for well-known household products.

Full Article

Dane County solar industry faring better than the State of Wisconsin

February, 2016: InBusiness Magazine

With all due respect to a true Madison original, Wisconsin’s solar energy future has the potential to be bright. “From Holy Wisdom Monastery to Ale Asylum brewery [a SunPeak project] to Central Storage & Warehouse Co. [a SunPeak project] to community-supported agriculture farms, solar is growing in Dane County,” Tyler Huebner, RENEW Wisconsin's Executive Director, says....“Dane County and City of Madison governments continue to invest in solar on their facilities.”

Full Article

New Berlin Letterhead Press taps large solar project to cut power bill

January 15, 2016: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

New Berlin Letterhead Press Inc. is turning to the sun to help it manage a rising energy bill. The commercial printing and finishing company is operating the largest solar installation in Waukesha County. Madison-based SunPeak Power built the project last fall, erecting more than 1,300 solar panels in a parking lot just behind and to the north of the building...

Full Article

Solar Power Hits the Big Time in Wisconsin

January 14, 2016: Urban Milwaukee

In yet another demonstration of solar energy’s growing appeal to commercial and industrial customers, Letterhead Press recently joined the growing roster of Wisconsin companies turning to the sun to power their operations.

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