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Jensen Grain Farm

Rooftop l 61kW capacity

This grain farmer in central Iowa has always been interested in renewable energy and saw a lot of wind power generation in Iowa, but not much solar.  When the owner heard the financial incentives to ‘go solar’ in this part of the country are some of the most favorable in the country he requested a customized solar feasibility and financial analysis report for his property.

SunPeak reviewed his current energy bills and discovered his blended utility rate was $0.10/kWh, which is projected to rise to $0.202/kWh over the next couple decades. We explained our proposed SunPeak system would reduce his energy bills to an after tax Levelized Cost of Energy of only $0.041/kWh and it would remain fixed for the 25 year life of the system.

The system installed on his shop is projected to generate 86,600 kWh/year, which will offset 51% of his current energy consumption.  By going installing solar he will produce the equivalent of $8,660/year at his former utility rates. This figure is anticipated to grow over the lifespan of the system as the utility rates rise, leading to a total lifespan projected savings of $347,000. Once the federal and state tax credits and depreciation was taken in to consideration, his net investment was significantly reduced making the return on investment very favorable.

Jensen Farm Solar Installation near Ames, Iowa
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Jensen Grain Farm
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