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Lakefront Brewery

Lakefront Brewery

Rooftop| 70 kWdc

Lakefront Brewery installed a SunPeak solar system on the roof of their Milwaukee Riverwest warehouse in September 2017 to save on operational costs, contribute to the community, and help innovate their brewing process.   

The 70 kWdc solar photovoltaic project includes 264 rooftop panels, and will generate over 39% of their Riverwest warehouse energy needs.

$535,000 in Projected Energy Cost Savings

Lakefront Brewery currently pays their utility 13.3¢ / kWh, while energy produced by the new solar array costs 4.0¢ / kWh. This savings of 9.3¢ / kWh translates to over $535,000 of direct energy cost savings over the life of the project. As the cost of electricity increases over time due to inflation, these energy savings will also grow over time.

Hear from Lakefront 

“Wherever we can save, contribute or innovate, we’ll do it. Our warehouse is basically one, giant refrigerator, and it uses a good amount of energy. To create energy ourselves is conserving resources for everyone else.”

-Lakefront Co-Founder and Owner, Russ Klisch

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