Ashley Furniture Receives Prominent Sustainability Award from Deloitte

Nov 12, 2021 10:47:26 AM

SunPeak customer Ashley Furniture Industries (Ashley) has received a Distinguished Performer in Sustainability award from Deloitte, recognizing a "green" Wisconsin-based corporation that balances economic growth, social equity, and environmental management.





"Our commitment to the environment goes beyond our facilities and into our communities. While Ashley Furniture is driven to be the best home furnishings company, we are also committed to being sustainable and efficient for the betterment of our employees, our customers, and our communities," stated Todd Wanek, President and CEO, Ashley Furniture Industries. "Sustainable practices can be simple changes to everyday process, big or small, it all adds up. If we each make an effort, our country and our world will share the benefits."

Ashley works to build its facilities and continuously improve its operations with the environment top of mind. A few key projects have propelled Ashley in the direction of long-term sustainability. A notable nationwide solar initiative with 45,000 solar panels installed to date by Wisconsin-based SunPeak will have a significant impact on the company's carbon footprint over the next thirty years. Other environmental actions have included waste reduction strategies, incorporating new lighting styles, and tree planting, among other efforts.

"For the 19th year, Deloitte is proud to recognize the economic and community impact of the largest 75 private companies in Wisconsin — the Wisconsin 75. This year we will not only celebrate the individual successes of each of these organizations, but also the collective impact of private companies in powering Wisconsin's economy and community," said PJ DiStefano, Wisconsin managing partner of Deloitte LLP.

Ashley-Furniture-Solar-InstallationAshley has been featured on the Wisconsin 75 list 13 times. Additionally, the company achieved a distinguished performer award in the community category in the 2013 Wisconsin 75™ awards.

Deloitte's annual Wisconsin 75 list salutes the largest privately held Wisconsin-based companies. These companies play a key role in the state's economy. Wisconsin 75 award winners are selected based on annual sales revenue.

To be eligible for Deloitte's Wisconsin 75 recognition, companies must have a majority ownership by an individual(s), family, employee stock ownership plan, or private equity firm. Public companies are eligible when greater than 50 percent of the value or vote of the shares are owned by individuals, family, an employee stock ownership plan, or private equity. Additionally, companies must have annual sales revenue of at least USD 50,000. The Wisconsin 75 excludes cooperatives and accounting, tax, legal, and consulting service companies.