DePauw University Receives 2020 Sustainability Award for Solar

Nov 24, 2020 10:07:24 AM
DePauw University Solar Installation-Indoor Track and Tennis Facility

November 15, 2020 - Eric Bernsee, Editor Emeritus 
Movers, shakers and caretakers were honored Thursday night as the annual Sustainability Awards were presented to community members just prior to the November meeting of the Greencastle City Council. The Best Practices of the Year Award was presented to DePauw University.

DePauw has installed its first operating renewable energy system in 2020 at the DePauw Indoor Track & Tennis Complex. The system is a photovoltaic (solar electric) system that generates direct current (DC) electricity and converts it to alternating current (AC) electricity for use in the Indoor Track & Tennis Complex.

This renewable energy system demonstrates DePauw University’s commitment to sustainability and carbon emission reduction to its students, Putnam County and to the world, Garner praised.

The system is used to offset electricity purchased from the utility for use at the Indoor Track & Tennis Complex. This renewable energy source replaces coal- and gas-fired utility power generation that has historically been used by the Indoor Track & Tennis Complex facility.

The roof of DePauw University’s Indoor Track & Tennis Complex now displays 860 solar panels, the campus’s first renewable energy project and a step toward meeting the university’s goal of becoming a leader in sustainable practices.

The solar initiative celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the Center for Sustainability at DePauw.


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