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Bringing Solar Power To Your Business

As a leader in commercial solar, SunPeak has developed some of the largest solar projects in the Midwest and around the world.

We’re proud to have made the latest in solar innovation available to businesses ranging from breweries and manufacturing plants, to farms and coffee roasters and more.

Looking for a solar power solution tailored to your needs? Connect with our solar experts through our contact page.

Peruse our project gallery for an inside look:

Veritas Village, LLC

Rooftop | 190 kW

Yagoyama - Kumamoto

Ground mount | 27 MW


Rooftop | 1.4 MW

360 Direct

Rooftop | 52 kW

Lakefront Brewery

Rooftop| 70 kWdc

Magic Wash Middleton

Rooftop | 35 kW

Certco, Inc.

Rooftop | 726 kW

Total Water Baraboo

Ground-mounted | 17 kWdc

American Family Insurance

Rooftop | 1.2MW

Clasen Quality Chocolate

Rooftop l 117kW

Single Speed Brewery

Rooftop l 103kW

Glacier Transit & Storage

Rooftop l 560kW

Letterhead Press (manufacturing)

Ground-mounted l 337 kW capacity

Lakeland Union High School

Rooftop | 280 kW capacity

Research Farms

Ground-mounted l 67kW capacity

Ale Asylum Brewery

Rooftop | 120 kW capacity

Best Western Waterfront Hotel

Rooftop | 24 kW capacity

M&L Stables

Rooftop | 12 kW capacity

Reynolds Transfer & Storage

Rooftop | 48 kW capacity

Second Street Apartments

Rooftop l 19kW

PDQ Convenience Store

Rooftop l 32 kW

Norsk Woodworks

Rooftop | 6 kW capacity

Jensen Grain Farm

Rooftop l 61kW capacity

Steep & Brew Coffee

Rooftop | 80 kW capacity

Corrim Company

Ground-mounted | 92kW capacity

LNS Pork

Ground-mounted l 67kW capacity

Utility Solar Array

Gnoetzheim Germany Ground-mounted l 10.3 MW capacity

Nippon Renewable Energy (NRE)

Shichinohe III, Japan Ground-mounted l 12.7 MW capacity

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