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Reynolds Transfer & Storage

Rooftop | 48 kW capacity

The Reynolds Family has been proudly serving the greater Madison, WI community since 1888. Encouraged by the youngest generation in the family business, the company was seeking additional ways to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, while reducing operating costs.Reynolds Transfer logo and website link

SunPeak approached Reynolds Transfer & Storage to explain the current federal and state financial incentives to solarize their roof, and the long term benefits to their company including energy independence and reducing their carbon footprint.

SunPeak created proposals for four of Reynolds’ buildings and, after an initial feasibility study, concluded it was in the customer’s best interest to install solar on two of the four. Reynolds decided to move forward with two warehouse facilities. 

The projects were a success. Reynolds has demonstrated their commitment to sustainability, obtained some energy independence, and their operating costs were lowered with a system that will generate free electricity for the next 30+ years.

In addition, the partnership has continued to grow. SunPeak is now also a client of Reynolds for both storage and transportation of components.

Reynolds Transfer & Storage Solar system at 2306 Darwin Road, Madison, WI
Reynolds Transfer & Storage Solar system at 2308 Darwin Road, Madison, WI

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440 Science Drive, Madison, WI 53711
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