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Single Speed Brewery

Rooftop l 103kW

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Single Speed Brewery’s owner and President was motivated to go solar to reduce the carbon footprint of a larger urban revitalization project and qualify for LEED certification. The building they renovated for their second brewery location was built in 1927 and is in a historic preservation district in Waterloo.

The two year project was consistently challenged with balancing historic preservation goals with sustainability principles.  The solar system was no exception, as one city zoning requirement was that the solar system could not be visible from the ground.  This constraint was a key reason the company chose SunPeak’s Delta Wing East/West low profile system.  SunPeak’s system designers also created a custom design recessing the array away from the edges of the building, concentrating the system near the parapet and providing several mock ups prior to submitting plans to the City of Waterloo.

Dave Morgan, Owner, Single Speed Brewery“Balancing historic preservation requirements with sustainability principles was a challenge.  We assembled a team of experts to move through the process. SunPeak was a vital part of that team.”

Dave Morgan, Owner, Single Speed Brewery

Single Speed Solar System Aerial Photo
Single Speed Brewery Solar PV System
Brewery Waterloo Iowa Solar System
Single Speed Solar PV Plant
Brewery solar array
Solar PV inverters
Single Speed Brewery Solar

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