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Certco, Inc.

Certco, Inc.

Rooftop | 726 kW

Retail-owned grocer corporation, Certco, Inc., installed a SunPeak solar system on the roof of their Madison, Wisconsin refrigerated distribution center in August 2017 to reduce the grocer’s carbon footprint and operational costs, while also demonstrating community leadership.  

The 726 kWdc  solar photovoltaic project includes 2,640 rooftop solar panels, and will generate over 12% of their energy needs.


Certco, Inc. currently pays their utility 10.0¢ / kWh, while energy produced by the new solar array costs 2.0¢ / kWh. This savings of 8.0 ¢ / kWh translates to over $4,329,000 of direct energy cost savings over the life of the project. As the cost of electricity increases over time due to inflation, these energy savings will also grow over time.


“Certco analyzes our capital spend with detailed review of return on investment in all major cash outlays.  Being retailer owned, we have started the groundwork that now some of our independent grocery stores are able to lean on and consider an investment in solar too.”,

-Amy Niemetscheck, Executive Vice-President & CFO of Certco, Inc. 

Certco, SunPeak solar installation

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