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SunPeak Technology

SunPeak custom engineers each photovoltaic (PV) system to suit specific project needs by integrating advanced system architecture with world’s best-in-class component technologies. By leveraging international experience and global partnerships, SunPeak is capable of delivering a system that optimizes your solar investment and provides decades of hassle-free energy from the sun.


SunPeak offers a different approach to other solar systems in the US: our exclusive east-west mounting (racking) system. Whereas the majority of systems in the US are “south-facing,” (they are oriented due south), facing systems east-west offers some key advantages:

East West Delta Wing solar panel system

No Module Self-Shading. South-facing systems require significant dead space between rows of modules, to reduce what is called “self-shading.” Their “saw tooth” design causes the modules to shade themselves. In contrast, SunPeak’s low profile and unique arrangement avoids self-shading.

Higher Energy Production Density. More compact module (panel) placement results in higher energy density per square foot of rooftop area.

More Consistent Power Output. SunPeak's system provides more stable and more consistent power throughout the day relative to south facing designs. It reduces the peak production spike at noon and widens the power duration into the morning and evening.

More Aerodynamic. Using only a 15° tilt angle (relative to horizontal) and a delta shape, wind blows over the SunPeak panels with little drag.

Lower Roof Loading Pressure. Less air resistance means less required ballast weight to hold the system in place on the rooftop, which reduces roof loading.

Aesthetically pleasing. When viewed from the roof, the SunPeak system has a clean, modern design. From the ground, the low profile is often not visible.

Higher reliability. All of the above factors lead to a more reliable system. Less maintenance means more power and better return on investment.

Details on the East/West Mounting System design are outlined on SunPeak's Technology Details Page.

To start your solar upgrade with SunPeak’s unique mounting system, Request a consultation, custom Solar Feasibility and Financial Analysis report for your facility.

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