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SunPeak Technology Details

SunPeak engineers each photovoltaic (PV) system to suit specific project needs by integrating its advanced system architecture with world’s best-in-class component technologies. By leveraging international experience and global partnerships, SunPeak is capable of delivering a system that optimizes your return on investment and provides decades of hassle-free energy from the sun.

SUNPEAK'S DeltaWing:

Exclusive East-West Mounting System

The vast majority of systems in the United States are “south-facing,” which means they are oriented due south. SunPeak offers a different approach, which is incorporated into its exclusive DeltaWing™ mounting system.  

SunPeak DeltaWing East West mounting system

DeltaWing features an “east-west” module orientation. Half the modules face due west and the other half face due east. This configuration will likely become the new standard in solar PV within the USA with time, and has already become mainstream in more developed markets in Europe.

The system has many advantages:

No Module Self-Shading. South-facing systems require significant dead space between rows of modules, to reduce what is called “self-shading.” Their “saw tooth” design causes the modules to shade themselves. In contrast, DeltaWing’s low profile and unique arrangement avoid self-shading.

Delta Wing offers no self shading


Higher Energy Production Density. More compact module placement results in higher energy density per square foot of rooftop area. This is especially valuable when rooftops are small, or when expansion plans require preservation of precious rooftop space. SunPeak’s system allows for up to 30% more energy production yield per square foot.

Delta Wing High Energy Density

More Consistent Power Output. DeltaWing provides more stable and more consistent power throughout the day relative to south facing designs. It reduces the peak production spike at noon and widens the power duration into the morning and evening. DeltaWing “powers up” earlier in the morning because half the system faces east.  In the evening, the same effect happens to the west.

More Aerodynamic. Using only a 15° tilt angle (relative to horizontal) and a delta shape, wind blows over the DeltaWing modules with little drag. In contrast, south-facing systems act as a large “air scoop,” making them much more vulnerable to northerly winds.

Delta Wing More Aerodynamic

Lower Roof Loading Pressure. Less air resistance means less required ballast weight to hold the system in place on the rooftop, which reduces roof loading. This allows DeltaWing to be installed on less structurally robust roofs and preserves roof loading capacity for other projects in the future. It reduces the strain on the roof from both wind and weight.

Delta Wing less roof loading pressure

Aesthetically Pleasing. When viewed from the roof, DeltaWing has a futuristic design. From the ground, DeltaWing’s low profile is often not visible.

Delta Wing Aesthetically Pleasing

Higher Reliability. All of the above factors lead to a more reliable system. Less maintenance means more power and better return on investment. Out of sight, and out of mind.

1000 volts of Pure Power from the Sun

Most systems in the USA are 600 volts, which means the maximum voltage created by the solar modules is limited to 600 Vdc. SunPeak has adopted a more advanced technology, which is capable of supporting 1000 Vdc of source power from the solar array. Why is this advantageous?

Power (kW) is equal to voltage (V) times current (I). By increasing the voltage, current can be reduced. This allows for higher efficiency operation and more material efficient wiring. Reducing system costs while increasing net power is a win-win.

1000 volts inverters

German Experience + USA Implementation

Germany is known for precision engineering and quality. In addition, Germany is known for leading the world in solar development. Many of the world’s leading solar component manufacturers are headquartered there. SunPeak has formed close partnerships with the premier German mounting companies to implement best-in-class mounting systems in the North American market.

Additionally, SunPeak has formed a close relationship with ABB, a Swiss global power and automation technology leader for its inverter sourcing. The inverter is an important electronic component that converts direct current (DC) generated by the PV system into a usable alternating current (AC) compatible with the building and the grid. ABB offers one of the highest quality inverter product lines available anywhere in the world. They were the first to introduce 1000 volt systems to the North American commercial market, which SunPeak uses for all its systems.

SunPeak configures each system to achieve optimal performance. From the initial site visit, through system engineering and into installment, SunPeak will manage each step of the process. Every project is unique and must meet your specific goals. 

Download a printable .pdf of SunPeak's Technology Information Sheet

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