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SunPeak Overview

SunPeak Your Commercial Solar Provider LogoSunPeak is a commercial solar PV developer. We work with businesses across the nation to assess feasibility, design, engineer, install, commission, and maintain solar systems that provide decades of emission free electricity from the sun.

The SunPeak Investment

The SunPeak team has installed over 450 MW of renewable energy globally, including solar reference projects as distant as Germany, Japan and Canada. This international experience in the solar market allowed us to foster extensive relationships with the world’s best-in-class solar racking, panel, and inverter suppliers, ensuring an optimal blend between cost effectiveness and performance. SunPeak only works with tier-one component manufacturers who offer proven technology and solid warranties we know we can stand by.

The SunPeak Solution

Each company's solar project is unique with specific challenges and requirements. Here’s how we ensure that your solar solution is the right one:

  • We provide analysis and a projected cost/benefit assessment with no obligation.
  • Our pricing and solar financing options are amongst the most competitive in the industry.
  • We develop custom solutions for either total or partial energy independence.

The SunPeak team can help and guide you toward an economically and environmentally sustainable energy solution. To get started, connect with us through our contact us page.

The SunPeak Story

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